Welcome to Jade Lotus Yoga's recipe page. Thanks to my beautiful Showgirls and students requests for Veggie cooking  I'm going to add my recipes to my website regularly.  Or at least I'm going to make an effort!  My first suggestion is to be prepared.  In order to not become a part of the fast food nation we need to have some basics in our cupboard ready for us to make healthy good tasting nutritious meals..   Below is a list of suggestions  good luck and feel free to email or me with any questions! Also if you hover over the recipe icon in the menu bar other recipe choices will appear... 

“Tofu is one of the (sic) only 2 plant-based proteins that contain all 8 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Soya is also cholesterol free and low in saturated fat, with no trans fat.  It contains fiber and is a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, and some B vitamins.  It also contains linolenic acid, which is a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid, which helps maintain a healthy heart.  The American FDA has stated that diets containing 25gms of soya protein combined with a low in saturated fat diet can help decrease cholesterol. Helping to normalise blood sugar levels is another feature of soya foods, since they have a low glycemic index.  It may also be in keeping blood pressure under control, it’s low in sodium/salt.  Soya products can help reduce menopause symptoms and act as a natural alternative to HRT, because soya is a source of genistein, which is an antioxidant rich in oestrogen-like isoflavones.” That’s us told.

Cancer-fighting credentials?: Women with breast cancer sometimes ask whether soy will help their cancer or if it in fact causes tumor growth. Although in recent years there has been some concern at the possibility that eating soy products may promote growth of existing breast tumors, it is now thought that food sources of phytoestrogens – including soy – are safe.  The general advice from doctors is that most women with breast cancer can include fermented and traditionally made soya products in a varied diet – one or two modest servings a day. Certainly it seems to be a good idea to include soy regularly in the diet if you are at risk of developing colon or prostate cancer. Discuss this issue with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.


I use only organic preferable sprouted tofu non-gmo.   This is also much easier to find of late.  When I make my Saute I use firm Tofu.  I squeeze most of the water out of it before I cut it. Cut it in half long ways and then slice down to make long rows and then the opposite direction to produce cubes! Fabulous!

Ghee or clarified butter, in the past found mainly in many Indian dishes, is now becoming a favorite ingredient not only for Ayurveda cooks, but also main stream chefs and nutritionists as they experience the qualities it brings to their dishes. Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter) include improved digestion, memory, and flexibility of body tissues.

Ghee is made from butter, but its milk solids and salts have been removed which then makes it a pure “oil”.  This oil can be brought to high temperatures without burning.  (An important factor in the kitchen and possibly why many French cooks use it in their sauces).  When ghee melts it is clear and has a beautiful yellow color as well as a  faint nutty smell, a little like popcorn.  That quality only enhances the richness and flavor of everything that contains it.

Spiced Olive Oil

Start with organic olive oil, there are many varieties from Italian to Tunisian.  It's a fun way to travel to different countries in your own kitchen.

I use re-use wine bottles or pretty vodka bottles for my olive oil.  The spices are up to you.  I have one bottle that has fresh Rosemary in it.  Yummy.  And another one that has a variety of spices.  I make my own and I have a good friend Chris Sweitzer she gives a her special bottle every year, when the oil gets low I reload more oil.  The spice last a long time.  You can use garlic and onion powder, red pepper flakes, spike.  Whatever you like. Fresh garlic is wonderful as well.  I also make one with fresh Tyme and one with fresh Basil.   These all add to the flavor of your cooking!  Just keep it on the counter for easy access. 

Great for salads as well!

It is the Yogic tradition to eat Vegetarian or Vegan.  This stems from the first Yama in the Yoga Sutras- Ahimsa or non-harming

My Students and friends are always asking me what I eat and how I make it. This page is dedicated to sharing that information!  

Much of my foody knowledge is derived from my Noni.  She was born in Italy and raised on a farm.  We were lucky enough to have her live with us while we were growing up, we had a garden that produced fresh veggies pretty much all year long.  Yes we did it in the desert and I'm still doing it today, (with quite a bit of help!)  She had us working in her garden as small kids, I wish I would have taken better notes.  So now I'm relearning what the deal really was.
We mostly ate vegetarian meals since that was how my grandmother was raised, and that is what she fed us.  We were never a part of the fast food nation,  but ate whole foods at home.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching and learning.  We wasted nothing!  And that is the theme of many meals at my house.  We clean that refrigerator constantly!  I'm dedicating my recipe section to my Noni.  She lives in my heart forever.

Love and light Angelina!