We offer Aromatherapy during most classes, the healing touch of essential oil. The perfect ending to a wonderful yoga experience!  To purchase aromatherapy products please contact us.


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The benefits of yoga are numerous including lowering risk for diabetes and heart disease.  We welcome you to find and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

Denise Rapuano

has been practicing and teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga, Restorative, and Ananda Yoga in Las Vegas for the past 14 years.  After a successful  22 year career as a professional dancer in  Las Vegas and around the world.  Denise found yoga to heal her body and change her life.  Denise guides her students through a Vinyasa based class often modified to serve her students who range from very young to the senior set!  Providing a comforting nonjudgmental environment. Denise is described as a compassionate and intuitive teacher who encourages her students to listen to the wisdom of their bodies she gently guides them in a very personal practice of yoga.



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"To keep the body in good health is a duty...

Other wise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear"  Buddha