Organic Sulfur Crystals

I learned about this from one of my amazing students.  After two months of taking the crystals every 12 hours.  I realized that I feel really good!  Less inflammation in my joints and quicker recovery from workouts. The only thing I changed in my lifestyle during those two months was to add the Organic Sulfur Crystals.  They must be organic and the real deal or no goody.  I found mine on 

Some of the many benefits of organic sulfur crystals include:
-Increasing enzyme production within bodily glands and improving resistance to illness
-Increasing flexibility in muscle tissue
-Increasing blood circulation
-Reducing muscle inflammation and promoting muscle healing
-Promoting the healthy growth of hair and fingernails
-Discouraging the growth of cancer cells through oxygenation
-Reversing osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease
-Promoting healthy skin production and reducing wrinkles
-Regulating insulin production
-Improving colon function and eliminating colonic parasites
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Avocado, the good fat!  Do your body good click on the link!  Bite back at bad Cholesterol.... 

​​It is the Yogic tradition to eat Vegetarian or Vegan.  This stems from the first Yama in the Yoga Sutras- Ahimsa or non-harming

My Students and friends are always asking me what I eat and how I make it. This page is dedicated to sharing that information!  

Much of my foody knowledge is derived from my Noni.  She was born in Italy and raised on a farm.  We were lucky enough to have her live with us while we were growing up, we had a garden that produced fresh veggies pretty much all year long.  Yes we did it in the desert and I'm still doing it today, (with quite a bit of help!)  She had us working in her garden as small kids, I wish I would have taken better notes.  So now I'm relearning what the deal really was.

We mostly ate vegetarian meals since that was how my grandmother was raised, and that is what she fed us.  We rarely went to fast food restaurants but ate whole foods at home.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching and learning.  We wasted nothing!  And that is the theme of many meals at my house.  We clean that refrigerator constantly!